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Our New Arrival Is Here

2021 Sauvignon Blanc

Welcome to Tears Of Orpheus. Our wonderful Bulgarian Sauvignon Blanc & Pinot Noir wines are sure to please. Starting small we are always interested in what wines you would like us to create in the future.

Red Wine

Who We Are

Tears Of Orpheus is a small winemaking company set up by 2 winemakers, one from Bulgaria and the other from New Zealand.


Our aim is to make small batches of high-quality wine from selected vineyards in Bulgaria.

All wines are made with minimal intervention so as to let the wines express the terroir of the vineyard.


Our initial offering is a 2017 Pinot noir that has been aged 100% in older French oak for over a year. It is a big rich Pinot noir coming from one of the oldest Pinot noir vineyards in Bulgaria. Sadly the owners of the vineyard have decided to replant with other varieties, so this is the one and only chance you will get to taste this wine. Our 2nd Pinot noir, a 2019 wine, comes from grapes grown near Varna.


Our newly released 2021 Sauvignon blanc comes from the same Vineyard area in Varna as the 2019 Pinot noir.


As we are a small company we aim to sell directly to our customers and offer our wines by the bottle or in 6 pack cases delivered within Bulgaria. Our wines are also available at a limited number of restaurants and fine wine shops which are listed below.


We appreciate any feedback on how you find our wines and any other different varieties you may be interested in. One wine that we definitely hope to offer in the future is a Tears Of Orpheus TEARS OF ORPHEUS, a grape discovered in South Bulgaria over a decade ago in the Orpheus area that is believed to be one of the oldest grape varieties from Bulgaria. And obviously an inspiration for our name.


All our wines are closed under screwcap which we believe is best for the aging of our wines. And if there are other companies within Bulgaria that are keen to promote screwcaps we would be happy to offer their wines through this website as well.


Our current offerings are a 6 pack of 2017 Pinot noir, a 6 pack of 2019 Pinot noir, and a 6 pack of 2021 Sauvignon blanc plus mixed cases all @ great prices with free delivery in Bulgaria. All these wines are available per bottle and again with free delivery in Bulgaria.

Our Wines are also avaliable at

Contact Us

Veliko Tarnovo ,5000 , Bulgaria,

+359 886475577

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